i am you …i think….


photo; deviantart vulnerable by ~bailey–elizabeth

You owe me no pity neither have I ever felt the need for any; please stop looking at me like that your gaze pierce and bleeds me, it hurts so badly.

Thinking and I know i can’t  say or explain anything to you, you that can understand but don’t want to; you that are the society of which I am a part too.

I understand you are sad to see me in such a sorry state but are you “sad”. Isn’t it acceptable anymore for a person to fall sick, to fail, to be afraid; being vulnerable is what a human is I am a human seems you are untouchable by sad part of reality; make me question are you human.

You start your sympathy speech every time telling me but pretend I am deaf for a moment and direct all you have to say to my guardians.  You speak of how hard my life will be now, its ok you speak the truth but quit telling me my survival my fight is useless if you can’t make my faith stronger my belief in hope please don’t make me believe in darkness.

One stumble in life, an ill turn of fate was all you required to see me in a new light through a biased glass. You took all my achievements striped me of all the respect and love I had earned, put me naked on a podium for display. sometimes i think you waited for all this patiently.

I cringe with pain the steps I force myself to walk I fall, fail yet I walk.

It’s said everything in life happens for a reason. I’ve seen none till now, wonder what will I see but I know none even you won’t speak of me with pity but celebrate my life and I won’t let anything come in my way

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