on Death

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Death is Strange, knowing your loved one is dying is Stranger.

 It’s always hard trying to come in terms with it, once a person is born Death is decided but still each Death is difficult even if its 100th   we’ve encountered.

 We ask with questions beginning or with sentences ending with why. We often weep in despair, silently: sometimes offering ourselves as replacement because a life without them is unimaginable. All with a heart raging in the fire of questions; later the same heart tries to console.

 And soon… it might have taken years but no matter how long it’s always too soon for Death to come.

Again tears flow but not silently lamenting the tragedy sometimes screaming but the Dead cannot hear can they?

A few days, months, years slip by and still the memories of the Dead follow everywhere. Willingly or not, the place the Dead formally had in our life, is or will be taken by someone else not wholly maybe, a part; yes.

The Dead is still missed we smile laugh, cry for no reason and visit memory lane countless times. However the truth prevails “once a person is born Death is decided”.

inspired to write from the the post of my fellow blogger; http://excelsizeus.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/i-have-outlived-certain/

8 thoughts on “on Death

  1. Wendell A. Brown AKA The Brown One Poet says:

    We come into this world knowing one day we will die! We embrace all we can in this world, knowing we will die. But in the end we become helpless again in our life like a newborn baby! We need love and caring until that final moment unless it was unexpected and happened quickly! But when the process begins then the new birthing pains come and our bodies are overwhelmed, and our breath leave the dying flesh! This is what i know, that our new lives truly begin the time our breath leaves and instead of flesh we are given a new body, The Lord brought an example of this by his own death! He told the thief, “You will indeed be with me today in my kingdom” When he saw the sisters of Lazarus cry because he layed stilled the Lord went into his resting place where his body laid and called him by name and he returned. Notice he did not call all back here but one! The new body revealed to his disciples, they could touch , and feel, he ate fish with them, but it could appear here and there and go through unlocked doors. Life truly only begins with deaths advent! Do not fret, though we missed our loves ones and friends they will be there along with the Lord to receive your newly formed body and spirit home. I have much love for you and one day we, who have only seen each others words will greet each other in love and friendship as we share the new true joys of life. Be assured this will be so! Love you my sister! Have a very blessed day! Remember all that passed were imperfect, but to be perfect once and for all we have to shed this sinful shell we now live in! But again just like the thief whose faith was rewarded our new day is coming like a great rising sun. Walk towards the brightness of true life!

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